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Casa Latino Real Estate, the Next Giant

March 28, 2008 -
While industry heavyweight Realogy, the parent of Century 21, Era, and Coldwell Banker report net losses for 2007 of $797 Million, feisty Casa Latino Real Estate reports continued system growth.

According to the 2008 edition of the well respected industry trend bible, the Swanpoel Trends Report, "Casa Latino ( is the first true national Latino real estate franchise. The Company's entire structure, focus and mission are designed to effectively service Hispanic home buyer and sellers". The report further hints that Casa Latino has a shot at becoming the "next real estate giant".

Speaking from Los Angeles while meeting with franchise prospects this week, company Founder and CEO Robb Heering remarked that "Century 21, Era, Coldwell Banker, ReMax, Realty Executives, Exit Realty, and Keller Williams all pretty much had one thing in common in 2007....they all lost agents and clients to Casa Latino. While it might be a bit unfair for a small company like ours to illustrate that fact, the reality is that our typical agent and our target consumer demand things that most firms can't offer, won't offer, or haven't offered.

Our goal isn't to become the next giant; it's to make a positive difference in the lives of our consumers, our agents, and our franchise owners. As we continue hitting that target one family, one agent, and one franchise owner at a time, we'll slowly but surely grow to significant size, giant or otherwise".

Heering further commented that "most of the large household name brands in the industry have historically done a reasonably good job in delivering real estate services to America's consumers, but doing a reasonably good job doesn't cut it for us. The market has changed substantially over the last several years and most of the players in this business have failed to change accordingly. We've made solid commitments as a brand to be the best in the industry when it comes to servicing our consumers while at the same time providing a high level of service to our franchise owners and sales agents.

In a market where credit has tightened and unit inventory has swelled, real estate agents have to make the decision to either leave the industry, stay in and wait for things to improve, or make adjustments. Many are deciding to make adjustments and one of those adjustments has been to focus on the fastest growing demographic in America...the Latino consumer".

Even in hard hit California, Casa Latino boasts a franchise owner who has increased their agent roster by 30% in two months, a franchise owner who has grown from one location to four within the last six months, and agents who have moved from one transaction per quarter to several transactions per month. Heering said "accomplishing this in a market where most other brands have consolidated, shuttered their doors, and lost market share is a testament to both the creativity, energy, and persistence of our franchise owners and the uniqueness of what our brand has to offer".

Casa Latino has recently experienced franchise sales or new offices in Dallas, TX, McAllen, TX, Tustin, CA, Santa Ana, CA, San Pedro, CA, Oakland, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Birmingham, AL, Albuquerque, NM, and Waterbury, CT. Pending franchise sales exist in markets ranging from Sonora, Mexico to South Florida and Northern New Jersey.

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