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Nextage Realty International, LLC to Convert Casa Latino Real Estate Offices

JOHNS CREEK, Ga., Jan. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Nextage Realty International, LLC, one of the fastest growing franchises in the US, has announced that it will be converting the majority share of offices of the well-know and highly respected Casa Latino franchise to its Nextage Realty brand. Casa Latino was created in 2005 based upon the premise that Hispanic home buyers and sellers have unique needs due to cultural differences and lifestyles. Casa Latino currently has offices in 13 states. Details as to which offices will convert to the Nextage brand are still in discussion.

Robb Heering, founder of Casa Latino Franchise Corporation states, "Although we will still be serving our specialized and targeted Hispanic market, the Nextage Realty system allows for broader opportunity for our franchisees as well as allowing us to continue providing superior service to our multicultural clients. Nextage and Casa Latino have much in common in our business strategy and priorities, our consumer-centric focus and our vision for the future. It's a logical next step for us to combine efforts. This is by no means the dissolution of our brand, but rather the evolution to our future."

Heering will join Nextage Realty International, LLC as Vice President of Diverse Markets, initially focusing on the Casa Latino office conversions, agent training and coaching. "The future of real estate is about the power of 'We' and I am confident that we will share much success and satisfaction working together and building our new brand across the nation and, eventually, internationally."

Franchisee Thomas Mestas, with offices in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico and one of the very first Casa Latino franchise owners, is looking forward to the transition. "We are very excited about joining the Nextage Realty family and about being able to provide all of our agents the same opportunity that we have as owners. With the Nextage model, we anticipate systematic growth of our business in terms of locations, agents and transaction sides throughout the next several years. We have just begun the process of presenting the opportunity to agents in the community and the response has been tremendous."

The office conversions will begin in January 2011. Currently, Nextage Realty International has almost 60 offices across the nation. Nextage Realty debuted their brand at the National Association of Realtors Convention in New Orleans in November and has achieved remarkable success, taking the industry by storm in the two years it has been in operation. Co-Founders, Frank Cluck and Dave Wild, industry veterans and visionaries, are behind the evolutionary business model that has gained wide-spread attention and respect in the industry.

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About Nextage® Realty International, LLC

Nextage Realty International, LLC is a consumer-centric company that helps brokers and agents overcome today's major, marketplace challenges by creating a unique team environment where everyone works toward one common goal. It's about BUILDING a business, not just DOING business™ while providing the absolute highest level of client service. With an evolutionary business model and the most innovative compensation plan in the industry, Nextage Realty is setting the new standard and leading the industry into its "Next Age".
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