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Utilizing Email Marketing To Generate More Leads

Utilizing Email Marketing To Successfully Expand Your Real Estate Business
By Bill Arce

If you are looking for ways to improve your lead generation strategic, “Email Marketing” could be an affordable option available to you. Using email marketing to generate new leads is easy and it could even be more effective than traditional cold calling or real estate farming. Here I give you some tips that can help you set up your own email marketing campaign.

Are You Ready?

Before getting ready to blast your email contact list with your newsletters, you need to plan your email marketing campaign carefully. How can you do it? Very Easy! First, make sure that your website info is up-to-date. If you are planning on promoting just one service (e.g. an open house or a new listing) you could direct email receivers to a “landing page” with more elaborated information. If you just want people to know about resources available in your website, then you can just send them a link to your site home page for more references.

Free Vs. Email Marketing Service:

It is no secret, if you can send an email from your email client like Microsoft Outlook; you are able to send emails to several contacts in your address book at once. Bud, would it look professional? Provably it will not. This is one of the reasons why using an email marketing company to assist you managing your email marketing campaigns make sense.

Virtual companies like, and can offer a variety of tools that will help you create, manage and gather data from your email marketing campaigns. Price varies, but they all offer new clients a free trial that to give you an opportunity to get a feeling which company will work better for you.

Building Your List:

Ok, now you know how to create an email marketing campaign, but how useful this is if you don’t have a list of emails to target. First, I would start by gathering emails from family, friends and colleagues. Then, I will add email addresses from past satisfied clients to my master list. Finally, I will make it easy for new potential clients to share their emails with me.

How to capture new emails:

Your main goal is to constantly maintain a flow of new email coming to you, to achieve this an smart agent only need to do one thing, ask for it,. How? Here are some ideas.

 You can solicit emails by simply have a Newsletter sign up section in your website
 Offer free information articles and eBooks to visitors willing to give you their email address
 Offer a “Free Consultation Section” on your site where visitors can ask you questions
 Ask for emails in open houses sign up sheets
 Include emails as part of your client intake form
 Ask for emails at homebuyer seminars sign up sheets

Don’t Forget:

Never spam, when you send emails give the option to unsubscribe to your email marketing campaign if your recipients feel they didn’t ask for the email or just don’t want to receive anymore emails.

Let people know that you will protect their private information and that their emails will never be shared with another company.

Be consistent, don’t just send an email campaign this month and not the following month, to be successfully you must make sure that you will be able to maintain those emails coming at list once a month.

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