Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is hosting an Emerging Markets LIVE Online Workshop on Tuesday, December 18th, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

This Emerging Markets LIVE Online Workshop provides an overview of the opportunities that Emerging Markets represents and provides basic, cost-effective marketing strategies and tactics to immediately take advantage of these emerging opportunities.

The following residential mortgage professionals are encouraged to attend:
Upper management
Loan originators
Account executives - wholesale, mortgage insurance and title insurance

More information is available at the following link: http://www.campusmba.org/products/default.aspx?product_code=E2801716G/REGIS

Another reminder: We are doing an article on the four fundamental flaws in the mortgage industry. We welcome your feedback. Please email Steven Holland at sholland@multihmc.com if you wish to voice your opinion(s).

The Four Fundamental Flaws in the Mortgage Industry (Abbreviated)

1. Marketing Communications (Proprietor Flaw)
Branding, the art of distinguishing proprietors and/or their goods and services in order to “own” the customer, often takes a back seat to loan originators in the mortgage industry’s marketing communications.

2. Marketing Planning (Production Flaw)
Production strategies, more often are determined by originators than by branch or company management.

3. Risk Pricing (Product Flaw)
The true risks characteristics of both borrowers and the collateral are not adequately identified and assessed, impairing the industry’s ability to create improved and better priced mortgage products.

4. User Readiness (Preparation Flaw)
All three key areas of the mortgage industry (loan production, secondary marketing and loan administration) do not adequately incorporate and economically value homebuyer education and loan originator training.

Multicultural Homeownership Marketing Consultants (MHMC) is a marketing communications firm that provides mortgage- and real estate-related companies and non-profits successful business development strategies in Emerging Markets communities. We’re a little different than you might expect, so visit us at www.multihmc.com.

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