Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obeo Wins 2008 Real Estate Pacesetter Award

August 2008

Obeo is chosen for honor from more than 40 competitors by Inman Community members

Obeo, a leading provider of full-service residential real estate online marketing products in North America, is the winner of the 2008 Real Estate Pacesetter Award, as voted by the Inman Real Estate Trends Group.

The award was given as a part of the Inman Real Estate Olympics, a contest in the Inman Community sponsored by Stefan Swanepoel, who is widely known as a leading visionary on the residential real estate industry and its trends.

More than 40 competitors were narrowed down to a slate of just eight real estate trend leaders. Criteria set up by Swanepoel included being an innovative Web 2.0 company or user of Web 2.0 technology; the size, need and demand for the companies/services; the quality or uniqueness of services; and the potential impact of services on the industry.

CondoDomain and Roost received second and third place, respectively. Other finalists were Agent Shield, Goomzee, eShowings, Bug Realty and Beat You There.

About Obeo

Since its inception in 1999 and its evolution from 360 House to Obeo in 2004, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company has become the largest preferred supplier of full-service residential real estate online marketing products in the United States and Canada. The Latin word for “to go to” or “to encompass,” Obeo provides REALTORS®, homebuilders, land developers and property managers with customized online marketing solutions and offline sales tools. To find out more, go to

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