Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CLose More Leads With RELN's Solution! RE-Think Latino

Online Marketing Solution for Bilingual Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Most real estate agents and brokers today are faced with tighter budgets, and the marketing dollars that they do have are being shifted ever-increasingly to digital media. Now more than ever in these tough economic times, you must have the ability to measure and demonstrate ROI; and you need to focus on the most efficient way to reach new and existing customers. (REL) offers bilingual agents and brokers an effective and affordable alternative to traditional high-cost marketing media, delivering high-quality phone-verified leads, right to their inbox.

Only quality leads - Never recycled! How can we do this? For over five years our company has been a leader in the online Latino real estate market. REL’s affiliated websites have become trusted allies for thousands of Latinos looking for a trusted advisor, who will guide them along the process of buying their home. We deliver true leads: Real people wanting to engage with an agent who is willing to take the time to explain the real estate process, find the home, and help them negotiate and close the deal.

You are always in control! Real Estate Latino Network offers territorial exclusivity to agents and brokers (one city or two towns). We are not in the business of selling leads; we are in the business of generating and converting potential leads that will help our clients greatly increase their online market share. We invest large amounts of time and efforts helping our clients stay in touch with the lead, and provide them with online tools that make the follow-up process easy and accessible from any computer that has internet access.

Unlike any other company, we work closely with our clients to customize their online marketing campaign based on their needs and target demographics. For example, if you do business in Miami you might also want to consider the growing number of Latin American buyers who now call South Florida home. The internet, via, is the natural place to meet these buyers.

Who benefits from this service? Any agents or brokers seeking to expand their online Latino market share, without having to become a real estate marketing expert, and without having to spend excessive marketing dollars. We recognize that each one of our clients is unique, and our team of professionals would be delighted to tailor our services to your needs, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Following is a list that describes some typical REL clients:

•An agent or broker who has tried similar services but has not seen the desired results
•An agent or broker wanting to expand his or her online business by targeting the Latino community
•An agent or broker who does not want to bother with all the time and challenges related to the marketing of their services
•An agent or broker who is simply seeking an online presence
•An agent or broker needing a Spanish site in order to complete his/her bilingual service offerings
•An agent or broker who is willing to create a strategic partnership with an online marketer who can guarantee results in the Latino market, and beyond.
To schedule a confidential, no obligation online presentation, just write us an e-mail and send it to, or call REL toll-free today at 1-888-934-9779.

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