Monday, September 14, 2009

Acculturation vs. Translation

Acculturation vs. Translation: Your Path to Cultivating the Latino Real Estate Market
by Bill Arce
Real Estate Agents cannot simply apply directly to the U.S. Latino market the conceptualizations or marketing strategies that work with the general real estate market. Many factors – financial, historical, background, cultural, demographic and expectations -- place Latino real estate consumers in a different category, making essential for professionals to RE-Think Latino. A combination of Brand awareness and trusted advisor are product elements deemed important by Latino consumers, especially first time home buyers.

For many agents’ website, direct translations and usage of traditional online marketing strategies tend to miss the emotional and culturally relevant elements involve in the home purchasing for any Latino family. Some results will be there, but not with the sales volume, strength and recall that a truly culturally-attuned online marketing and co-branding efforts that Real Estate Latino Network can reach for your company.

Make no mistake, the integration of generations and diverse countries of origin within the U.S. Latino market has created a complex culture that requires experience and research to understand, Real Estate Latino Network with over 5 years on the market can assist you reach this market of opportunity. The time to act is now! Visit for more information.

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